Susan Alpert Consulting provides a comprehensive and practical approach to guiding individuals through the process of handling the complexities following the death of a spouse or other crisis.

Your world, as you’ve known it, is turned upside down. No one but you can put the pieces back together. Experiencing a life-altering turning point such as loss of a spouse, family member, or divorce is not only disruptive and confusing, but also filled with uncertainty, frustration, and fear. Now there is a program designed specifically to address your situation: Chaos to Control. Working together, we help you form structure, move forward, and confidently address your most pressing concerns.

Move From Chaos To Control

How do you begin as you face overwhelming decisions about:

  • Coordinating finances
  • Legal issues
  • Endless notifications
  • Pressing demands
  • Moving through your grief
  • Day-to-day obligations

Here’s how
we help


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