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The Approach

Susan Alpert’s Chaos to Control approach was designed for those who have experienced profound loss and need help getting through all of the red tape, decisions, and logistics that surround a devastating and heartbreaking experience. This methodology is detailed in her first book, Driving Solo: Dealing with Grief and the Business of Financial Survival.

After writing Driving Solo, Susan began to meet many people who were interested not just in coping with great loss, but in avoiding the chaos and confusion that would inevitably accompany it were they not prepared for the future. For this reason, Susan began to tailor her approach to help those who need to better prepare for the possibility of loss in their own lives—in other words, all of us.

In her new book, Later Is Too Late: Hard Conversations That Can’t Wait, Susan outlines a comprehensive, clear, and hands-on system to guide you through the process of planning for the probability that either you or a loved one will not be here forever.

When preparing for loss, there are many subjects that must be covered such as:

  • Household and family responsibilities
  • Legal matters
  • Financial documents
  • Estate issues
  • The importance of self-care

Whether you are currently coping with a loss or seeking to prepare for the future, Susan Alpert’s methodology, her two books, and her speaking engagements will provide crucial answers.


Along the path from chaos to control, just remember: taking it one task, one small step at a time, is the way to get there.

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