Imagine the world as you know it turned upside down. No one but you can put the pieces back together. Oh how you wish you had better prepared for this!

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The death of a spouse or family member, the incapacitation of someone close to you, a difficult divorce (is there any other kind?)—we can’t avoid loss in our lives, but we can do our best to pick up the pieces once it happens. Even better, we can prepare for loss in advance, making sure that the logistical aspects are all taken care of so we can focus on taking care of ourselves when the time comes.


From Chaos To Control

Susan Alpert is a lecturer and author on the topic of surviving loss. From preparing for it to better handling it when it happens, her two books, Driving Solo: Dealing with Grief and the Business of Financial Survival, and Later Is Too Late: Hard Conversations That Can’t Wait, help readers better prepare themselves for the inevitability of loss and learn how to cope with it.

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